Sunday, June 19, 2011


Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.
~Proverbs 22:6

Hugh Fountain (daddy) and Jason - 1977

I often joke with my dad about all the things that I “inherited” from him. 

For example, about the time that I hit 30 years of age, my doctor told me that I had high Uric Acid. This is an inherited trait and both of my brothers share this with our dad as well. Thanks, dad! 

If you asked my wife, she would tell you that when I am upset or frustrated that I tend to become very quiet and conversation is difficult. If you ask my mom about my dad, she’ll tell you the same thing about him. Thanks, dad! 

If you came into my house, you would soon know that my wife hung every picture and has completed pretty much all of the “handy” work in our home. I was just not gifted in being a handyman. Thanks, dad! 

Finally, I began wearing glasses in the 7th grade. Without my glasses, now, I can’t see across the room. I share my dad’s eyesight. Thanks, again! 

But, as I think about life, the true measure of a man and a father is what he teaches his children. Below are the things that I’ve really inherited from my dad: 

Love for family.
I have two older brothers and two older sisters. My dad has always taught us to value family. When our family comes together for holidays or other occasions, it is always joyous. There is a peace and harmony when our family is together. My dad has always nurtured that spirit. 

Love for Jesus. 
As I grew up, church was a non-negotiable. If it was Sunday, we were in church. But, my dad didn’t just haul us to church on Sunday and forget about it the rest of the week. I remember vividly as a kid having family devotional before we went to bed. Imagine the chaos of trying to keep five children focused on a devotional. 

One indelible image that is in my mind from my childhood is seeing my dad on his knees praying. What a lesson this was for me. There is power in a little boy seeing his dad pray. This taught me from an early age that life isn’t about me. 

Love for others. 
My dad has lived a life of helping other people. He is truly one of the most tender-hearted, loving people that I’ve ever known. My dad has never turned his back on another person in need. And he has always done this with humility. 

My dad has always provided unwavering support for me and my ventures. Whether it was going off to college or moving to Mississippi or Florida or Louisiana, he has always been behind me 100%. I know this has helped me make tough decisions. When you know that you have family supporting and backing you, it makes risk-taking a bit easier. 

The importance of a daddy loving his son’s mother. 
My parents have been married for over 50 years and I can say without reservation that my dad has ALWAYS loved my mother unconditionally. As a child, there is power in knowing that your parents love each other. As a boy, you respect your dad so much more when you see him loving and respecting your mother. 

On this Father’s Day, the biggest compliment that I can pay my dad is that his life has always pointed me to God. I’m proud to be a Fountain and I’m proud to be my father’s son. I love you, dad, and I thank you for ALL the gifts you’ve given me over the course of my life. Happy Father’s Day!

Question: What did you "inherit" from your father? Please leave comments below.


freewayhome said...

I think I inherited my dad's drive to succeed. But since he was never around, the drive he has in academics, I kind of channel into more things- like running and building stuff.

Jason said...

Thanks for the comment. Our dads definitely leave an indelible mark on our lives - whether positive or not.

Brent said...

I inherited my Fathers "tinker's Spirit" We both love to work on all sorts of projects and fixing things.

Ben said...

Nice post Jason.

I just clicked onto your blog through a comment you left on Micheal Hyatts.

This week i have had the privelege of seeing my 3rd child being born. It is so helpful to reflect on what we 'inherit from our dads' and also what are the qualities that we want our kids to inherit from us.


Paige said...

From the Love your family part on down, it could also be my dad you were talking about. In fact, there is now a round stain on the couch where my dad would bury his face in prayer on his knees every day. How blessed we are to have such devoted, christian fathers. Thanks again for sharing.

Jason said...

Ben, Brent, & Paige,
Thanks for the comments. Brent, you probably experienced some good times "tinkering" with your dad.

Ben, I can only imagine what it must be like to see your child being born. Can't wait to experience that!

Paige, we are SO lucky to have Godly fathers!