Tuesday, June 21, 2011


What are you afraid of today? Are you allowing this fear to prevent you from truly living? Today we talk about facing your fears.

Clouds Are Coming by Vera Kratochvil

One of the truths about life is that we all have fears. Below are some common fears: 
  • Snakes 
  • Public speaking 
  • Marriage 
  • Divorce 
  • Having children 
  • The future 
  • Retirement 
  • Job uncertainty 
  • The economy 
  • Our health 
  • Safety of our family 
  • Financial concerns 
You are not unique if any of these fears cause your palms to sweat and your heart to beat just a bit faster.
    Below are three ways to face your fears and still live an intentional life:   

    1. Accept fear as a part of life. 
    Since the Garden of Eden and the fall of man, humans have been struggling with fear and uncertainty. Accept this and know that at times you will be fearful of things.

    Don’t mask fear and act like it’s not there. Accept it and call it what it is. By giving a name to this inner feeling of fear, we expose fear for what it is – simply a feeling.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with fear. Fear serves a purpose in our lives, but it can also paralyze us from taking action. 

    2. Know who you belong to. 
    We are children of God. Do you know this and believe this? Fear cannot reside in the presence of God. I love the quote: “The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.” We cannot simultaneously focus on fear and on God.

    If we truly have a relationship with Jesus Christ and know where our future resides, we can take any fear and carry it out to the absolute worst scenario and, in the end, we are still in God’s presence. Use this resource. 

    3. Act anyway. 
    I heard someone once refer to taking action in the face of fear as putting a “lion in your heart.” Choose to intentionally live in the face of uncertainty and fear.

    I love this quote:
    “To fight a bull when you are not scared is nothing and not to fight a bull when you are scared is nothing. But to fight a bull when you are scared – that is something.”

    What fears are limiting you today? Please do not allow these fears to hold you back from living an intentional life. There is much liberation in seeing a fear on the horizon, walking toward it, and walking right through it. Even if you are shaking with sweaty palms, face that fear today.

    We’ll never live a fear-free life, but we can choose to take action and confront our fears. What fear do YOU need to face today?

    Question: What resources do you use to handle your fears? Please post comments below.


    Anonymous said...

    For so many years, I let my fears control me. Not doing anything for fear of doing something wrong. Recently I have stepped out from that course with the help of my Amazing wife.

    Jason said...

    The hardest thing about fears is facing them and walking ahead despite them.

    Diane said...

    Thank you for this post - I especially like this: "If we truly have a relationship with Jesus Christ and know where our future resides, we can take any fear and carry it out to the absolute worst scenario and, in the end, we are still in God’s presence." So very useful and inspirational. I need to remember this!

    Diane said...

    By the way, Jason, I found your blog as a result of reading your comment on David Santistevan's blog today. Also very challenging and thought-provoking!

    Jason said...

    Thank you for the comment.David has an awesome blog!

    J.D. Meier said...

    One of the most interesting things I read a while back was that only certain things can turn into phobias. It's pretty primal.

    I think it was in the book, "What You Can Change, and What You Can't."

    Jason said...

    Thanks for the comment. I'll have to check out that book!

    Anonymous said...

    I must say that I am THE MOST fearful person I have ever met or even heard of... Paralysis doesn't come close to describing the stagnancy, disappointment and depression that comes with living in fear. The strangest thing is that the happiest I have ever been was a result of times in which I was forced to experience my fears: becoming temporarily disabled and jobless, having to reconnect with and depend upon a hurtful family that I hardly knew, becoming homeless, with less than a dime to my name... And yet God carried me through with so much love, joy and inspiration- I think letting it all go, giving God control and allowing Him to show His love and faithfulness is a huge piece of the puzzle- trust, faith, hope and prayer are the greatest tools in situations like these. Remembering how He has shown His faithfulness and provision in the past allows me to boldly step into the present.

    Jason said...

    @Anonymous - I hope that you have reached out to someone who can help you with managing this fear. If you are battling this alone, please visit Lucinda Bassett's Stress Center (http://www.stresscenter.com/mwc/). She has awesome resources to help you take a step forward. I wish you the best. If I can help with anything, please email me at jasfountain@gmail.com. Thanks for having the courage to post this comment!