Thursday, June 30, 2011


Have you ever found an old journal and been amazed at what you were thinking and feeling? Or have you ever wished that you could go back to that day when you were feeling super passionate and excited about life and bottle that enthusiasm? Now you can!

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At the rehearsal dinner for my wedding, guests were given a blank piece of paper and an envelope labeled “Year 1,” “Year 2,” “Year 3,” etc. The envelopes went all the way to Year 25. Guests were asked to write a note that Aimie and I would open on each anniversary. Although we’ve only been married for two and a half years, this has proven to be one of the highlights each year on our anniversary.

I have just finished reading Jon Acuff’s awesome book Quitter. If you are trying to balance the tension between your day job and your dream job, this is the book for you. In the book, Jon refers to a website called The idea and layout behind this website is so elegantly simple that it is easy to miss the brilliance.

At, individuals can send an email to themselves at a later date. I simply put in my email address, type my email and then decide what date I want it delivered to my in-box. Why is this such a powerful tool?

If you are like me, you have those days that are extraordinary. Maybe you just feel more alive or more focused or more loving or more whatever it is you feel. What if you could bottle that feeling and remember it when you are feeling not so passionate and enthralled with life?

In walks On these great days, you can type a quick email reminding yourself why you feel so passionate and excited about life and set it to be delivered on the first of each month for the next year. How great of a reminder would this be?

Below are 5 more ways to utilize the power of to live a more intentional life.
  1. After you attend a conference or professional development opportunity, write an email to yourself six months down the road to remember how you felt. 
  2. Think about the times during the year that you experience those lulls in enthusiasm and passion. Choose a day when you are feeling excellent and send yourself a series of emails to encourage yourself. 
  3. Write an email to yourself about enjoying the true meaning of Christmas and set it to be delivered at a time when things tend to become most crazy during the holidays. 
  4. Send an email to yourself on those “anniversary” days in your life to remind yourself how lucky and fortunate you are (day you met your spouse, day that a special event in your life history occurred, etc.). 
  5. Send yourself emails about more practical matters (oil changes, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).
The point is to use this tool to be more intentional about your life. Stop coasting through life taking each day as it comes and choose to make your life spectacular.

QUESTION: What other uses can you brainstorm for


TNeal said...

Jason--I love the ideas you've shared in this post. They're brilliant. I read Jon's book also and appreciated his life experiences and how he applied them. The was something I found intriguing. You've moved intriguing into the realm of "Oh, that's something I can do." Thanks--Tom

Jason said...

When I read about, I was intrigued. The more I thought about it, the more brilliant it became. Thanks for the comment!

Tonya said...

Jason, you have some great ideas here. I will definitely check out Thanks for sharing.

Jason said...

Thanks for the comment!