Saturday, June 25, 2011


"The worth of a book is to be measured by what
you can carry away from it."
~James Bryce

Book Tunnel by Petr Kratochvil
In the life of an educator, there is something especially magical about summertime. I always have a million ideas of things to accomplish and books to read. 
I enjoy when bloggers share their reading lists so I thought I would do the same. Below are the books that I have read this summer, the books I am currently reading and the books I plan to read this summer. I also provide a recommendation from 1 star (lowest) to 5 stars (highest).
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Have read this summer
  • Awesome book about finding your passion and a social media marketing plan to brand yourself. 5 star recommendation
Quitter by Jon Acuff
  • Great book about keeping your day job while you pursue your dreams. 4.5 star recommendation
War of Art by Steven Pressfield
  • One of my all-time favorite books. Pressfield breaks down the Resistance that prevents us from pursuing creative endeavors. 5 star recommendation
Currently Reading
  •  This book is in the style of Zig Ziglar or other self-help authors who tell stories and relate content applicable to living a good life.
Leadership is Dead: How Influence is Reviving It by Jeremie Kubicek
  • Good book that relates how the best leaders are influencers.
First Family by David Baldacci
  • I have to throw in a fiction book along the way, especially when we visit the beach.
Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
  • This book was recommended by my college advisor and I just received it in the mail today. The book is for anyone who aspires to write. The story on the back cover is worth the price of admission.
Plan to read this summer
  • The book above (Crush It!) was so good, I had to purchase his second book. Can't wait to read it.
Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions by Guy Kawasaki
  • Guy Kawasaki has always written inspirational books. I'm looking forward to delving into this one.
Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success by Kerry Patterson, et al.
QUESTION: What have you read this summer that is worthy of a recommendation?


Brent said...

Great list. We have a few of the same books. I am currently reading. Born to Run.

Jon Fulk said...

I see a couple on there that look interesting! I read "Do the Work" by Pressfield earlier this summer and it adequately "kicked my butt" as it was supposed to. I hear "War of Art" is even better. I read "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" about a month ago, and it was excellent! I'm working on "Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me" by Ian Cron, "Developing the Leader within You" by Maxwell, and "Connecting in Communities" by Eddie Mosely (great book for small group leaders!). Thanks for sharing your list!

Brent said...

@Jon I read "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" about 3 months ago. It had an Amazing impact on my life. Loved IT.

Jason said...

Thanks for the comments. I've seen Born to Run, but haven't read it yet. Is it good, Brent?

Jon, I bought "Jesus, My Father..." for my dad for Father's Day. I've not read it yet. I also read "A Million Miles..." - great book! I wrote down some quotes from that book!

Brent said...

Born to Run is an interesting read. every couple chapters I am more glad I bought a pair of VFFs a month ago.

jonstolpe said...

I read Leadership is Dead earlier this summer. I'm sure I'll read a few more books this summer, but I can't keep up with you. That's for sure. I'd like to read Quitter and Erasing Hell by Francis Chan. I'm also looking forward to reading with my kids this summer.

Jason said...

Quitter is awesome - just finished it.