Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Someone passed on the video below to me last week. In this short 3 minute clip, Ken Blanchard shares a story of his recent visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles. As we all know, visits to the DMV are rarely looked upon as happy and joyous occasions.

On this visit, however, Mr. Blanchard noticed something a little different…

Below are my takeaways from the video:

1. The LEADER makes the biggest difference. Period. Mark it down. Asterisk it. Circle it.

2. The LEADER should be visible and available.

3. Great quote by the LEADER: “My job is to reorganize the department on a moment to moment basis depending on citizen needs.”

4. The LEADER did not allow workers to go to lunch between 11:30 and 2:00 because this is the time that most customers take off for lunch. LEADERS make common sense decisions.

5. What is the difference? LEADERSHIP!

We are all leaders of something: ourselves, our families, others. What are you doing, as the leader, to make a difference?

Go…do that today!

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