Friday, April 29, 2011

4 Favorite Productivity Websites (+1 for fun)

“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” –Bertrand Russell

I agree with the quote above … to an extent. We have all decided to “check Facebook” for a couple of minutes and then look up and realize that an hour has wasted away.

The internet is full of time-wasters, but also full of many productivity tools. Below are four of my favorites and one bonus for fun.

  1. (cost: free; iPhone app: Yes-free) – is a genius website for organizing all of your financial information in one place. Once you set up your account through, each time you log in it updates all of your financial information. Through you can: set up and monitor a budget, monitor your retirement accounts, set and track financial goals and many other things. The best benefit about – it’s absolutely free! Click the link above and you can watch a short video on

  1. (cost: free; iPhone app: Yes-$1.99) – is a very simple to-do list. I primarily use this website at work. When I think of something that needs to be accomplished, I type it into my teuxdeux list. There is nothing fancy here, but I subscribe to the idea that the best way to not forget something is to write it down (or in this case, type it in). Click the link above and you can watch a short video on

  1. Google Reader (cost: free; iPhone app: No) – I visit Google Reader every day. Essentially, Google Reader takes content from websites that you choose and pulls in any new material. All you need to use Google Reader is a gmail account. By the way, Google has many incredible web applications that you can explore. Click here for a one-minute explanation of Google Reader.

  1. (cost: free; iPhone app: No) – is a site that I often forget, but when I need to save a video off of YouTube or other sites, it comes in very handy. All you do is copy the URL from the YouTube video that you are watching, paste it into the box on and click download. You can choose various formats for saving your video. This is a very handy site.

  1. (cost: free; iPhone app: Yes-free) – This is one of those “time waster” websites, but I check it out everyday because it pulls in the best deals from the internet into one site. The home page shows the best current deals at the top. If you click the “ED CHOICE” tab at the top, you will be directed to a list of other great deals. Finally, clicking the “More” drop-down box along the top of the page will give you choices of deals to check (electronics, books, etc.). I often look on this site for free Amazon Kindle books.

Remember, YouTube is a great source for tutorial videos. If you want to find out more about setting up Google Reader, for instance, go to YouTube and search for Google Reader videos. You are guaranteed to find just what you need.

In future posts, I hope to add more productivity websites and iPhone apps.

Have a wonderful weekend!

QUESTION: What are your favorite websites and iPhone apps? Please comment below.

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