Friday, August 5, 2011


Next week, our district begins the new school year. I am planning on writing posts next week that will provide practicality and inspiration for beginning another year in one of the greatest professions on earth. 

Do you realize the impact that you, as a teacher, have on kids? Do you really reflect on how you can absolutely change the course of a life? 

YOU can change a family tree. YOU can provide hope. YOU can offer a ray of hope in an otherwise dark life.

Please don't discount your impact as a teacher.

As a precursor to next week, I wanted to share a funny Target commercial that I recently saw.

Who can't remember those crazy PE teachers of yesteryear who seemed to live to humiliate the non-athletic kids?

Take a look and have an awesome weekend!

QUESTION: If you teach, what are you excited about as the new year begins? If you don't teach, please share a brief description of one of your favorite teachers.


Anonymous said...

My Favorte Teacher was Mr. Dietter in Middle School.

He was awesome. He let us feed his pet Python he had at in the school lab.

On his tests. he would have silly questions such as, What is the moon made out of?...we had to put Cheese as the answer...or we would get it wrong! was so funny...

I don't remember a single thing about science in that class...but he taught me it was ok to be a cool funny teacher and laugh it up a bit...

This is how I teach my bible study of 13-17 year olds... having fun telling the story ...while leaving a lasting memory of Me...and Christ...

Jason said...

For me, the best teachers weren't necessarily the ones who "taught" me the most book-knowledge. They were the ones who cared about ME as an individual.